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Cross Pens

Cross your T’s with the stylish and classic Cross Pens

The name Cross pens evokes images of sleek, shiny and stylish pens to anyone. This brand is synonymous with subtle class. Having its origins in America in 1846 as the first manufacturer of writing instruments, Cross pens have achieved worldwide popularity and acceptance. In India, this form one of the leading gift options when it comes to corporate gifting or as mementos. We are suppliers in Mumbai offering bulk discounts & excellent low price from cross pen distributors in Mumbai.

Branded Pens Logo

we are having entire range from roller ballpoint pens, the fountain pens and the roller ball pens. They can be customized to suit your needs with the packaging and engraving an initial too. Cross pens can be gifted the year round as they stand for timeless elegance. One may be worried about the price points of these pens, but we as Cross pens dealers in Mumbai offering bulk discounts on this range.

Gifting a Cross pen stands for tradition and a passion for fine writing. In today’s day, we are all too used to just using our mouse pads or touch screens, but the joy of holding a classic Cross silver or gold pen is something else. Reach out to us for your requirements for wholesale Cross pens Mumbai.

Sheaffer Pens

Say it with Sheaffer Pens

In 2013, world-famous Sheaffer Pens completed 100 years of existence. Its humble beginnings can be traced to the back room of a small jewelry shop in Iowa, USA. The creator was Walter A. Sheaffer. This legendary brand enjoys high recall value amongst pen enthusiast’s world over and is considered a symbol of elegance if gifted to someone.

Sheaffer Logo

Its marketing tagline is, “The Gift that Matters,” as its popularity cannot be rivaled. One can pamper themselves as well, as there are many collectors of these classic pens across the globe.  We are one of the leading Sheaffer Pens dealers in Mumbai and we have the range exclusively for you. This brand maintains its relevance in the click age, by being digital savvy in reaching out to customers as well as sharing information on their range, including the well coveted Limited Edition pieces.

By gifting this special pen, you are gifting history and elegance; it’s one of a kind gesture. You can reach out to us for queries as we are Sheaffer pens distributors in Mumbai. A Sheaffer Pen is an exclusive gift, which will help you stand out amidst the clutter. Everyone knows its pedigree so it’s easy to remain firmly etched in the mind of your client, employee or anyone who receives the same. For wholesale Sheaffer pens, Mumbai get in touch with us today.

Parker Pens

Why gift a pen, when you can gift a Parker pen!!

Parker pens have been around for a long time and were used by dignitaries to sigh important Treaties and business deals. The founder, George Parker aimed to change the face of writing when he set up his company in the US in 1888.It grabbed headlines in the 1800’s when it patented a fountain pen design called the –The Lucky Curve. Today Parker pens enjoy popularity across students, academicians, business men and the like equally. The make for the ideal gift as they are well known, trendy and high on functionality. As Parker pen distributors in Mumbai, we have the entire range available with us.

Parker logo

These pens can be gifted as rewards, on Diwali, at employee events, at customer events, client parties and even at educational events or college fests. They will bring joy to those who receive it. Parker pen designs enjoy staunch following, with many collectors connected with this iconic brand. You can think of reaching out to us for the lowest prices for wholesale Parker pens in Mumbai.

This brand enjoys visibility today amongst people of all ages. Be it roller point pens or the fountain pens and even the jotter ball variety, Parker pens have everything suited to your needs. Feel free to reach out to us for Parker pens as we are one of the leading Parker pen distributors in Mumbai.

Mont Blanc Pens

Magic of Mont Blanc Pens

When you hear the name, Mont Blanc, you think of luxury and style. In existence for nearly a century, this iconic brand hails from the country synonymous with precision and handcrafted designs, Switzerland. Gifting a Mont Blanc is gifting a complete lifestyle. It makes for the perfect present for the well heeled senior executive or the top brass in your customer’s company. Mont Blanc has grown over the years screams a luxe life. We are Mont Blanc pen dealers in Mumbai.

All pens are handcrafted with absolute precision. It goes beyond a writing instrument; it’s a status symbol in its own right. It enjoys a cult status amongst those who know how to cherish a gift of this value.  The range includes exclusive collections having interesting designs and stories to narrate. We are Mont Blanc distributors in Mumbai.

These pens can be gifted to someone who will understand its value and enjoy the prospect of owning such a fine writing instrument. Mont Blanc is counted amongst the top luxury brands globally, and gifting a piece from its collection can earn you many brownie points instantly. While this brand has other items as part of its offerings, pens are what they are most famous for. You can reach out to us for bulk and wholesale Mont Blanc pens Mumbai.

Lamy Pens

Love Lamy Pens

With a German pedigree, Lamy pens are the market leader there and enjoy worldwide popularity as one of the finest design brands to have emerged from there. These pens were born in 1952, enjoying instant success due to its fine detailing and flawless performance. They are pretty to look at and make for excellent corporate gifts for any reason. We are Lamy pens dealers in Mumbai and each pen can be etched with a logo or other marking as you desire.

Lamy pens make for practical gifts due to their usefulness and attractive looks. The nibs are finely crafted, enabling fine writing. Be it a corporate in-house event, customer events, partner rewards or employees giveaways, Lamy pens can be the perfect gift for every occasion. You can contact us to buy wholesale Lamy pens in Mumbai.

One can single pieces or sets of two to make for the perfect gift. You can select the combination too. By gifting a Lamy pen, you will earn the respect and attention you deserve. You have the choice of fountain pens or ball point pens, depending on what suits you. We are Lamy pens distributors in Mumbai so contact us today for your requirements for Lamy pens.

Pierre Cardin pens

The charm of Pierre Cardin pens

Pierre Cardin pens are all about the essence of beautiful French design. The pen is named after the iconic designer who is known for his vast repertoire of designs across various categories. Classic French with sublime beauty and style is what is inherent when you gift a Pierre Cardin pen to someone. If you wish to make the moment special for your employees or customers, gifting these pens is the right way to go. We are Pierre Cardin pens dealers in Mumbai and we have them in stock.

Pierre Cardin pens are designed to bring out your individuality and spells class. They come in steel and gold, with superior finish and design and flawless performance. They are the perfect gifts for any occasion and instantly add glamour and respect to the giver. We are the one stop place for wholesale Pierre Cardin pens in Mumbai. With its origins being the chic country, France, style and design is synonymous with the pens. They are pretty to look at, offering high value performance.

Pierre Cardin pens are an exclusive gift item and can be given the year round. They are stylish with superior functionality. Do reach out to us for your requirements as we are leading Pierre Cardin distributors in Mumbai.

Waterman Pens

Writing with a Waterman pen sets you apart

Born nearly 130 years ago, Waterman pens symbolize luxury and impeccable class. They come in varied designs which are crafted with emphasis on quality and writing technique. They are known for their exclusivity as it’s a well known fact that you will not find Waterman pens that are alike. Each has its own persona, features and is a piece that highly impresses anyone. Made of sturdy materials, they stand apart for their elegance, innovation and uniqueness. We offer the lowest prices for wholesale Waterman pens in Mumbai.

Their collections range from the exquisite, the elegant, and functional to the contemporary, chic and subtly personified. The aim of the brand is to make writing a satisfying personal journey on which you can embark with your Waterman pen. We are Waterman pen distributors in Mumbai and offer the entire range of their eye catching designs.

Collectors savor their Waterman pens and treating them as pieces of art and precious possessions. You may have many reasons to buy one but mostly, you will do so for personal gratification and the sense of elation it gives you. It is poetry in motion making writing an experience and not just writing. We are Waterman pen dealers in Mumbai and you can reach out to us for your requirements today.


Best power bank india review – Power bank supplier in Mumbai


Buy the latest & best portable chargers in India.

We offer wholesale power banks WITH WARRANTY.

Call now for latest catalog of fresh stocks and best price list !


Credit card power bank india

Wholesale Supplier of card power bank in Mumbai

Credit card power bankSmart and reliable credit card shaped power banks are available in Lithium polymer. This is easy to carry as it is light weight and also stable as it’s aided with an overcharge control. Suitable for businessmen and avid travelers, this is a smart technology to charge your mobiles. The power bank is reasonably priced. Certainly, bulk orders will attract a slash in rate. Compact and occupying less space, the power bank is one super way to add technology and make your life easy.  Warranty adds to the advantage.



wholesale solar power banks indiaSolar power banksConserving energy and time, the solar power banks is the optimum use of technology. A wide range of items like I pad, tablets, mobiles as well as cameras can be charged using the solar power bank. The easy folding ability makes it work for people who are avid travelers. Moreover, most of these are waterproof, saving it from the accidental spills and leaks. It has a sturdy cover which adds to the durability. Most people prefer this as it is safe and stylish and easily portable.



power bank with car jump starter india power bank with car jump starterThe car jump starter is a handy device and serves as a emergency booster to jumpstart your car in case your car battery lets you down.  The kit is a smart machine itself. Complete with ports and hooks that comes in a smart case, this power bank is a hassle free way to start your car in case of trouble. The traditional inconvenient style of laborious charging is now replaced by this simple plug-in facility. Light weight and easy to store this is a superb gadget.


Passport Holder and Cheque Book Holder


Holders for passports and cheque books are one of the most important accessories in today’s world. Professionals and businesspersons need to travel and move around quite often and these documents are often required to be carried along.

passport holders mumbaiYou can consider such a multi-purpose holder as a corporate gift item. You can select a unisex holder or order special ones for men and women employees and clients. Nowadays there are exquisite designs of multi-purpose holders for women professionals.

These holders are made of rayon, leather or a variety of other materials. The interior is designed with multiple compartments to hold multiple objects like passport, cheque books, air tickets, credit cards and other minor cards and money. This acts more or less as a travel wallet.

cheque book holders indiaIf you do not want to go in for a multi-purpose holder, you can go in for individual passport holder, cheque book holder or credit card holder too. We are passport holder manufacturers in Mumbai. They are compact and also come at an economical price. You can get these items customized, made to order or personalized by embossing your company name or logo on them. We provide customized passport holders. These items are excellent choices as corporate gifts as they are extremely useful for professionals of every age and sex.

We are wholesale suppliers of passport holders and cheque book holders. We also manufacture leather cheque book holders.

Office Bag and Executive Bags are elite and memorable gifts

CALL US FOR HIGH QUALITY Office Bag and Executive Bags with company branding ( logo)

Office Bag and Executive BagsOffice bags or executive bags is a rarely given but a good gift option. There are several varieties of office bags ranging from smaller ones to those of standard size and the larger ones as well. You can think of executive bags as a gift option for the executive class in your office.

Executive BagsThese bags are made up of various types of materials like fabric or leather. The design also exhibits variations and trends that are currently in fashion. Nowadays you can get executive bags that are customized as per the professional roles. There are bags with strappers and holders or even without them. There are office bags with classic or casual in style. The interior of the bags could have multiple compartments that are ideal for organizers or they may have more space meant for stuffers. We are executive bags and office bag manufacturers in Mumbai.

You can get the bags customized wherein you can get the design made to your order and specifications. In these cases you have the flexibility to select the material and also personalize them by embedding your logo. Executive or office bags provide great utility for the users and last for longer durations. You can also opt for other variety of bags like portfolio bags or laptop bags that are also extremely useful. We also manufacture portfolio bags and deal in customized executive bags.

New Year Corporate Gifts

The advent of a new year ushers new hope, new collaborations and a festive mood. It is great to extend wishes in the corporate circle with utility items in the general and premium category.

We are WHOLESALE suppliers of New Year Gifts for corporates in mumbai


General Gifts include:

  • Keychains, key rings
  • Coffee mugs
  • Diaries or Calendars
  • Mobile covers and holders
  • Folders








Premium collection of new year corporate gift ideas suggested as follows:

  • exotic travel pouches,
  • trolley bags
  • Laptop covers
  • Jute or painted tablet covers
  • Sports Items like golf kits or swatches


The idea is to send a message of goodness and wish the associates well.

Call us to get best prices and rates for gifting options for new year gifts for employees or new year gifts for clients.

Candle holders and candle stands – Adding a touch of sophistication to gifting.

Candle holders are truly dazzling, beautiful, decorative gifts and come in several shapes and sizes. They are a combination of sophistication and elegance and good gift items for marriages. Candle stands and holders are like prized possessions and available in a wide range of prices. They have been in use since ages ! They can be used for corporate gifting to executives or mehendi party return gifts. These accessories enhance the interior of the house and add to ambiance.



[minimum 50 pieces]


Candle holders are serene, ideal for interior decoration and home décor. Wrought Iron Candle holders are most commonly used as aesthetic, charming gifts of elegance & class. Tealight Candle Holders add a glow to any decor. Hanging Candle Holders are excellent for spas and resorts. Votive candle holders are very popular as they are economical. They purchase decision would depend on your client, candle sizes and decor color options. One can add scented candles to with this gift and make it impressive. Wrap it neatly and it becomes the perfect choice for your hard earned money !

Table Calendar

We are wholesale Quality custom Table calendar manufacturer in Mumbai. We offer a unique range of Spirally Bounded Table Calendars, wall calenders for corporates with customized logo. WE SPECIALIZE IN Custom Calendar
Printing IN mumbai

Call us now and We shall cater to Desk calendars for 2013 that are printed with your company details and personalised with your message or logo.


The best in table calendars are available in a sturdy material that is colorful, lively and includes are the elements of gifting. Selecting a good desk calendar is possible with the variety of options available. More options are seen in laminated varieties and engraving a logo or including the design suggested by you is surely possible.

Crockery Sets

If you are planning buy Premium crockery in Mumbai, there are many styles available in the finest glasses and colors that are reasonably priced. Special effects in glasses and bowls in the combination pattern are truly interesting as an art of presentation and they carry the etiquette in gifting.

CALL US FOR A WIDE RANGE OF EXCLUSIVE AND DESIGNER crockery designs, melamine crockery, designer crockery dinner sets in Mumbai

We are Crockery & Cutlery Suppliers in Mumbai [Minimum order 50]



Lightweight dinner plates, special bowls for snacks in the branded crockery can also be shopped online and shipping is arranged accordingly.

The new styles in cook and serve category are also becoming more convenient for people who like to include ease in their culinary duties. Highly durable, smart and very modern, crockery is always a good choice as gifts and we source the same from reputed crockery manufacturers in Mumbai.

Extremely useful and stylish, the packs in crockery are such a delight to receive as a gift. Gifts convey a lot of esteem you have for one another and hence you will find the best gifts in crockery and bone china. A set of dinner plates or the best styles in tall glasses are the best way to adorn your kitchen. Sparkling and stylish, the designs in cut glass variety are truly captivating. it is not always possible to personalizing cutlery and crockery with a logo for promotion or presenting it during a festive event, the gifts like crockery are ideal for any kind of celebration. We are wholesale crockery suppliers in Mumbai for corporate gifting, including Stylish Plates, Bowls and Ceramic Dinner Sets and offer crockery items in designer and latest trendy styles.

Dry fruits – Designer dry fruit boxes, gift hampers and presentation boxes

Dried fruits are dried, either naturally or artificially by machines. They are excellent in health benefits and contain good proteins and energy. We energize our bodies with natural sugar instead of added sugar by eating these convenient snacks.


Wholesale corporate orders of designer dry fruit boxes mumbai

We offer a wide variety of diwali gift hampers including packaged dry fruits, assorted dry fruits, colorful dry fruits gift hampers or presentation boxes etc depending on clients budget.

Minimum 50 BOXES / HAMPERS

      Fancy Diwali tags – enhances custom hampers



custom made dry fruits hamper for diwali gifting for bank 2012




we accept order of Minimum 50 BOXES / HAMPERS

Examples of dried fruits in India include are cashew nuts, raisins, golden raisins (kishmish), kashmiri walnut, almonds, packaged almonds, anjeer, etc. We are Dry Fruits Suppliers and Wholesalers in Mumbai for corporate gifting in diwali. Call us to get bargains, discounts and lowest dry fruits rates in mumbai. In India, dry fruits are tradition gifts for diwali. They have advantages over fresh fruits including a longer shelf life and ease in portability. They are given as gifts for employees, clients or family gifting.

The advantage of gifting dry fruits is they have a long shelf life and therefore it can be used as a good gift alternate to other options.  Dried fruit is a tasty and nutritious snack and hence we are ready to pay more for the snacks than staples etc. They are used in meals, sweet dishes, milk shakes and several dishes all over the world.

Handicraft Gift Items for Corporate Gifting

We provide a range of unmatched authentic Indian handicrafts ideal for exports, shopping stores, corporate gifts or collectors delight.  We are a one stop solution for all ethnic and unique gifting ideas in handicrafts.  We are committed to bring the true heritage of Indian handicrafts under one roof. We have a collection of rare and unique collection of handicraft products, made by skilled craftmen of India. We have good experience in doing embossing and miniature painting works on the marble, all the artistic work is traditional and handmade. Our expertise is Gold painted Marble Handicraft Items and other gifts. We deal in  Marble & wooden art from Rajasthan.

Click on photo for larger view


These include marble Stands,  marble Elephant gifts, Night Lamp, marble Pots, plate  with wooden stand,  Lanterns
marble Ganesh, telephone watch , wooden chowki with meenakari done on metal plating.
These are classy home decor gifts , corporate gifts , wedding gifts , Diwali gifts etc.
We offer them at direct factory price. If possible, we also offer branding gifts through customized and tailored products. Call us for a wide variety of Indian handicraft corporate gifts.


Time life Books for Kids in India

We present time life books series for kids..

Enjoying the little joys of childhood is always pleasant with the help of books. Easy to read and comprehend, time life books meant for children are informative, innovative and adorable. It is great to use it as a routine and help your child develop vocabulary skills and explain to them the basic concepts of numbers and alphabets.

As parent’s, we understand the importance of reading and plan our child’s library.Time life book series are made from good quality materials and learning options for children are amazing. Your kids will become fond of books, and simply enjoy the wonderful habit of reading. ! Call us for time life books for sale at discounts !

Swiss Knife – Victorinox Swiss Knives

Useful, stylish and full of utility, the well known brand of  Victorinox Swiss Knives is one perfect gift for many corporate occasions.

The improvisations in the cutlery sets are always based on more utility. Excellent household and professional knives for all needs is a true symbol of class & sleekness.

A set of knives is handy as a kit for traveling enthusiasts and the tools are amazing.

The quality is unmatched and hence this utility gift marvel has become popular compact set of tools for campers and in the field of gifting

Well designed in a compact case, the tools are available in pocket friendly sets too.

We are suppliers of Victorinox Swiss Knives for corporate gifting. Contact us for wholesale victorinox cutlery, Travel Accessories, victorinox pocket knives, original Victorinox and Maglite Products in Mumbai, india.

The Original Swiss Army Knives


Elegant Pocket Tools


MP3 Player with Pen Drive

This is must buy music & utility gift !

A MP3 Player cum USB Pen drive which gives High Sound Quality.

The latest entry in fancy gifts are pen drive mp3 player in India. This musical gadget uses a AAA size single battery. It’s unique feature is it has a usb stick which is used to fill in your favorite songs and can also be used as a PEN DRIVE ! Amazing isn’t it ? These Mp3 players with pen drive can be custom branded with logo.

These are suited for corporate gifting and ideal for Musical promotional events,  album releases etc

Corporate Gifts for Diwali

Gifts add value to the verbal appreciation or respect you have towards the associate or employee. Motivation is the main criteria that bring success to all ventures. Morale boosting is very important.

There are several events or ideas that can be under the section of corporate gifts for motivation. These include management books, mementos, awards and also certificates. Annual functions are done at all corporate houses that are also a stage to felicitate achievements by employees.

Multi colour Tea light Led Candle – Flameless candles !


Event management companies also hire the services of a vendor or supplier who will arrange for corporate mementos at the Annual diwali party.

Household Articles


Kitchen appliances are also included as corporate gifts for Diwali and there is a great range in Blenders, Food processors, bowls, water bottles, tiffin sets, chocolate boxes, cutlery and also ceramic items. Handicraft items go well with the ethnic celebration in Diwali like paintings, photo frames and also glass ware or anodized kitchen utensils.


  Desktop Gifts with idol – sc-pg


corporate food gifts : Confectionaries are a popular way of gifting in all cultures. This also seems perfect for corporate culture and a box of chocolates is a welcome surprise to anybody. The corporate promotional gifts usually include caps, T shirts or key chains but an inclusion of a small pack of confectionary is an innovative idea. This is also a great way to make the person feel special especially during birthdays. Management which is pro employee often feels it is a good idea to invest in corporate food gifts. The essential thing in corporate gifting is about quality and keeping the brand edible.