Why gift a pen, when you can gift a Parker pen!!

Parker pens have been around for a long time and were used by dignitaries to sigh important Treaties and business deals. The founder, George Parker aimed to change the face of writing when he set up his company in the US in 1888.It grabbed headlines in the 1800’s when it patented a fountain pen design called the –The Lucky Curve. Today Parker pens enjoy popularity across students, academicians, business men and the like equally. The make for the ideal gift as they are well known, trendy and high on functionality. As Parker pen distributors in Mumbai, we have the entire range available with us.

Parker logo

These pens can be gifted as rewards, on Diwali, at employee events, at customer events, client parties and even at educational events or college fests. They will bring joy to those who receive it. Parker pen designs enjoy staunch following, with many collectors connected with this iconic brand. You can think of reaching out to us for the lowest prices for wholesale Parker pens in Mumbai.

This brand enjoys visibility today amongst people of all ages. Be it roller point pens or the fountain pens and even the jotter ball variety, Parker pens have everything suited to your needs. Feel free to reach out to us for Parker pens as we are one of the leading Parker pen distributors in Mumbai.