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Credit card power bank india
Wholesale Supplier of card power bank in Mumbai

Credit card power bankSmart and reliable credit card shaped power banks are available in Lithium polymer. This is easy to carry as it is light weight and also stable as it’s aided with an overcharge control. Suitable for businessmen and avid travelers, this is a smart technology to charge your mobiles. The power bank is reasonably priced. Certainly, bulk orders will attract a slash in rate. Compact and occupying less space, the power bank is one super way to add technology and make your life easy.  Warranty adds to the advantage.



wholesale solar power banks indiaSolar power banksConserving energy and time, the solar power banks is the optimum use of technology. A wide range of items like I pad, tablets, mobiles as well as cameras can be charged using the solar power bank. The easy folding ability makes it work for people who are avid travelers. Moreover, most of these are waterproof, saving it from the accidental spills and leaks. It has a sturdy cover which adds to the durability. Most people prefer this as it is safe and stylish and easily portable.



power bank with car jump starter india power bank with car jump starterThe car jump starter is a handy device and serves as a emergency booster to jumpstart your car in case your car battery lets you down.  The kit is a smart machine itself. Complete with ports and hooks that comes in a smart case, this power bank is a hassle free way to start your car in case of trouble. The traditional inconvenient style of laborious charging is now replaced by this simple plug-in facility. Light weight and easy to store this is a superb gadget.