two fold umbrella





Umbrellas make ideal monsoon customer gifts, or promotional merchandise and offer good marketing and branding value. They are also popular as Event promotion gifts.

Promotional umbrellas come in a vast range, style and colors. With colorful visibility and exposure, your brand goes places ! True value for money !

These include promotional folding umbrellas, beach umbrellas, garden umbrellas, printed wooden design umbrellas, square umbrellas, kids umbrellas, metal umbrellas, light weight umbrellas, personalized umbrellas, colorful promotional umbrellas, advertising umbrella, vintage umbrellas, customized umbrellas  etc

Though are easy to brand with better logo printing options, these useful attractive corporate gifts are more seasonal in nature.  Though there are several promotional umbrella manufacturers in Mumbai, it is necessary to go for established brands only who offer top quality materials in manufacturing process.

If one chooses imported umbrellas, these are usually cheaper but one has to be careful about the quality & waterproof materials used which can withstand wind and rain. A good quality product can last for years.

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