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Executive Bags, Laptop Bags, Backpacks

If you are looking for gift ideas for Conference Gifts, we also have a wide range of elegant Gym Bags, Strolley Bags, Air Bags , Pouches, Back Pack, Haversacks, Duffle Bag,  Air Bags, travel kits etc which can be printed with your logo.

Bags are known to be the most economical and effective medium of advertising. These can easily be customized with printed names and address of the company or the organization. The versatile range includes variety of materials like jute, leather, cotton, and fabric.

Designed with style, a myriad range is also available in terms of types, colors, and shapes to suit the needs and requirements of different class of people. Executive bags are often used by professionals, laptop bags are used by almost everyone, and backpacks are a common requirement these days.





Latest trendy Laptop Bags and laptop sleeves


Corporate gifting backpack  – NEW – Ideal fo  corporate gifting

LB- SB -10

6×6 heavy denier
Padding and cushion,
Good quality running zippers,
Compartments for laptop, organizer, accesories, earphone, bottle, small compartments for misc,
Name tag,
Printed company logo
Extra strong, durable, good design.











LB – SB-9



LB – SB-11





Laptop sleeve




Non-woven carry bag – Attractive, durable ideal for retail and complimentary gifting or conference gifts. Fabric- 90 gsm, Colour – red and brown,  Print – company logo both sides




Drawstring bag – Fabric – P.U
Colour – black and blue
Print –  company logo, Thick string, Attractive, durable


 SCHOOL BAGS – these can be gifted as return gifts for birthdays. Contact us for wholesale requirements only.



Be it any type or style of bags, all are useful in their own way with a number of compartments and slots available.





Leather Gifts

Leather Organizers, Leather Wallets, Briefcases

promotional leather gifts : Leather is all about fashion, style, status, and elegance. Be it any leather product like a leather wallet, leather bag, leather organizer, leather briefcase, or leather shoes, all defines a style statement. These products are often used by people for their daily use and requirements.

Apart from the style and elegance it adds, leather is also known for its durability and longevity. With these benefits, leather products or leather accessories turn out to be the most inspiring corporate gifts.

These are available in varieties of styles and price range depending on the kind of product.

Clocks and Watches

Time is an important factor in life that controls our daily routine and our life as well. Nothing in the world can overpower the significance of time and nobody can hold it. It is very important to move with time and to keep note of this, one requires a clock or a watch.

Clocks and watches are useful for checking time and are known to be the best corporate gifts. Whether a wall clock or a wrist watch, both have their own significance and both the types make the best of gifts. We can supply logo printed gifts at affordable rates from wall clock manufacturers in mumbai.

These are available in an assortment of colors, designs, styles, shapes, and brands.

Photo Frames

The concept of photography is an age-old tradition that beholds value and significance even in the modern day world. This is one of the best ways to peep into the past and visualize some of the nostalgic memories. Some special moments spend with friends and relatives are always cherished with fond memories, memories that hold the power to bring a smile on your face even during the toughest hours.









































PF-014_8X6     ( AND PF-015__10X8   )















                                                                                 MAGIC PHOTO FRAME – PF-005_-_MAGIC_FRAME

ship photo frame – PF-172-8031-4X6-BOAT FRAME









The best way to preserve these memories and keep them in front of your eyes ever is to position them in a photo frame. There are many types of frames available in the market to add value to your fond memories. The concept is gradually taking place in the corporate world with more and more business professionals using it for the purpose of corporate gifting.

Premium Crockery

When it comes to corporate gifting, a myriad range of premium crockery in varied styles, designs, colors, and materials is one of the best to offer.

A fine and elegant dinner set on the dining table makes the dinner party more rich and sophisticated. It brings light to the table and adds grace to the ambience, offering a luxurious feel.


A complete set includes plates, bowls, serving bowls, and spoons. Apart from that, there are set of glasses, juice set, soup bowl set, or ice cream set that can turn out to be an elegant and rich corporate gift.

Crystal Gifts

Crystal gifts have their own charm and elegance. The sparkling beauty and the richness of such gifts speak about elegance, status, and wealth. Be it an office, home, or a commercial center, crystal products adorn the ambience with added grace and appeal.

Taj mahal in crystal , Product Weight : 200 Gm.  3D subsurface engraving

It marks a luxurious lifestyle and hence as a gift it is always appreciated.





GATEWAY OF INDIA CRYSTAL GIFT – Product Weight : 325 Gm.

3D subsurface engraved cube with fine detailing.

Other cube sizes with customized logo engraving available



 Crystal elephant


crystal charminar


crystal Aeroplane

crystal desktop stand with clock


crystal sports car

mussel with watch in crystal

crystal shell clock

crystal hand clock

crystal desktop gifts lotus

crystal lotus

There is a wide range of gifts like crystal bowls, crystal glasses, and crystal flower vases that are available in variety of color combinations, designs, and shapes.

Branded Pens, Sheaffer Pens, Cross Pen

A pen conveys a professional and cultured look when given as a corporate gift. Since time immemorial pens have been used as a medium of gift exchange during festive occasions and other special events. Especially, when it comes to branded pens, the elegance, style, and status symbol get associated with the process of gifting.




Big brands like Cross and Sheaffer, known to manufacturer the best writing instruments, offer a large assortment in varied colors, pattern, and types.

These are also available in gold and silver plating along with a stylish and traditional pen casing. Sheaffer pens and Cross pens are hallmark of eternal quality.

Desktop Gifts

Desktop Gifts: Coasters, Mugs, Mousepads, Paper Weights, Mobile Holders,Pen Holders

Desktop accessories like mugs, pen holders, mouse pads, coasters, and mobile holders are traditional corporate gifts that preserve their value even in this technologically advancing world. The effectiveness and functionality of these products cannot be ignored any day.

These add to the work culture when on the desktop and also serve as an important advertisement tool for companies and organizations. A range of desktop accessories are available in varied sizes, types, colors, and styles to suit different kind of ambience and environment.

When used as promotional or corporate gifts, these accessories are usually customized by printed or engraved names and logos of a company.


Promotional Key Chains, Custom Keychains

Keychains and key rings have their own significance in the modern day world. Everyone carries keys- it can be house keys, car keys, office keys, or cupboard keys. It’s difficult to manage and keep all the keys separately and hence keyrings are very useful to keep all the keys organized or tied in one chain or ring.

Though the use is common but the keychain can be made unique using creativity and craftsmanship. A myriad range is available in terms of colors, materials, and style. Loop keyring, metal keyring, steel chrome keychain, and roller clip keychain are some of the commonly used types.

In the corporate world, keychain is well used as a promotional gift as it’s easy to customize and use it as a marketing tool. Custom keychains are often found printed or embossed with the name and logo of the company in stylish and intricate pattern.

Unique Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are used by business people to distribute among target audience and increase brand awareness. There are many unique corporate gifts that are used to meet the sales target. The world is moving at a very fast pace on a wide scale of modernity, technology and competition in business. The tough competition in business has given way to promotional products and corporate gifts for promoting, advertising and marketing business.

The biggest and the most essential key features of promotional items is their flexibility and uniqueness. There is a long list of gift articles that can be distributed but only some items are so unique that they stand out in the crowd through the years, generating future business. These unique gifts include multipurpose insulated basket, insulated water pack, magazine rack, serving tray, casserole set, laptops, leather bags, tool set, travel alarm, magnifier, coasters, paper weight, card holders, multipurpose travel kit, desktop accessories and aromatherapy kit. These gift articles can be distributed during exhibitions, trade shows, conventions, conferences and product launches.

Both the key players and small business people are looking out for new, stylish, innovative and unique business gifts so that they can attract more audience and enhance brand awareness along with increasing the sale and generating high revenue for the company.

Promotional items have become an essential part every advertising campaign today. Every company has a planned budget for promotional activities and based upon these pre planned budget, they decide the best quality and a unique gift for their business associates. This promotional activity enhances lucrative business opportunities and goes a long way to reach the height.

In this modern business scenario, business gifts hold a key place and influence the performance with plethora of benefits. The prime objective of unique corporate gifts holds the function of retaining existing customers, creating brand awareness, attracting new customers, reaching the global market, and maintaining longevity in company-client relationship.