XECH A3 Wireless Sports Earphones perfectly fits around your collar neck and over the ear. It’s a short, thin, sleek sports earphone chords which shall not entangle itself, unlike the other wires which entangle among themselves. It’s a must have for any sports and non-sports person who usually deal with their work on the phone and especially who are on the call throughout the time like sales, customer care, etc.

A very elegant and thin piece, light in weight wireless sports earphones includes a carrying case as well to keep it safely for better and long shelf life. The size of the earphone length is just 29cm.

With the name itself, the product speaks that it’s a wireless sports earphones, with no hassle of long wires to be attached to the Phone and what an innovative product being wireless much more convenient for use.

The wireless sports earphones are connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth version 4.1. In case of disconnect it has the feature to automatically reconnect when the Bluetooth is switched on in the paired smartphone, There is no need to pair the smartphone and earphone again.

Also as the Smartphone and A3 Wireless Sports Earphones are disconnected, XECH A3 Wireless Sports Earphones automatically sleep thus saving battery, this helps to extend the battery life.

XECH A3 Wireless Sports Earphones quickly charges itself with a charging time of 1 – 1.5 hrs to run the long hectic day ahead. Also, it has a small indicator which displays the battery status in order to put back the earphone to charge once the battery level drops down.

With A3 wireless sports earphones, you can play the music for 4 hours at a stretch. There is an option to play, pause and stop and not only this but there is an adjustment of increasing and decreasing the volume. With the best quality inbuilt mic, you can also pick up calls and hang up calls without touching the smartphone. The buttons are sensitive to touch.

It has a battery capacity of 120 mAh for standby time 100 hrs.

Not only with the above features, XECH A3 Wireless Sports Earphone makes a great product but with the below features it’s a cherry on the cake.

CVC 6.0 reduction: To give you quality sound and voice clarity it reduces the outside sound.

Connect Two Devices: It can be connected to two devices. Example your smartphone and another smartphone or any other compatible Bluetooth device.

IPX4 Waterproof: With IPX4 waterproof control, water from any direction splashing the earphone or sweat dripping over the XECH A3 Wireless Sports Earphones would let the earphone work well. There are no worries of the earphone to lose the quality or stop working. But it is always better to take care.

It’s an ideal product for people with an active lifestyle like jogging, walking, running and hiking or any other activities.

Technical Parameters:

Bluetooth Version: 4.1 V+EDR

Output Power: 40mW

Sweatproof: Support

Play Time: 4 – 6 hrs

Charging Time: 1 – 1.5 hrs

Cut Song: Support

Line Length: 29cm

Standby time: 100 hrs

Battery Capacity: 120 mAh

Compatible: Bluetooth Devices