Whether you’re planning a barbecue in the garden, a pool party or simply cosying up your home all by yourself or a home party,The XECH Flame Atmosphere Wireless Speaker is just what you need and enjoy the luxurious atmosphere.

This wireless speaker allows you to play the music you want, Bluetooth LED Speaker mesmerizes you with it’s great flame effect that sets up your mood and you are at 8th wonder of the world.

This is a really a great speaker that you can use to listen from your smartphone, Tablet, personal computer or laptop compatible to all gadgets with distance of 10m in open space. It’s complete wireless product to enjoy the music at maximum.

The sound quality is crisp, clear with a nice smooth base on the surface of the Flame Wireless speaker. You can play, pause, skip next use the control functions as per your requirements.

It’s not just the Speaker but a Flame Atmosphere Wireless Speaker, with a push at the button it switches the gorgeous realistic look of the flame. It’s got the Latest LED Technology to look like a flame.The LED Technology also protects the vision of the eyes. The flames are not open they are enclosed and surrounded completely. Therefore it’s safe around kids and pet as well.

The battery is rechargeable and built in with 1800mAhgiving an audio output power of 5W, a portable device can be taken anywhere. The Built-In Battery Flame effect makes it simple and as well as elegant in design. The product weighs only 340 gms.

Bluetooth V4.2 enables you to connect the Wireless speaker to any gadget supporting Bluetooth either a iPhone or an android or a laptop or tablet. With slot for micro SD you can stream the music easily on speaker with play time of 5 hours.

With water resistance IPX3 slight splash of water or sprinkle on the speaker or wet hands will still keep the speaker working perfectly alright.

You can pair two speakers simultaneously for much louder sound and music with the TWS technology.It works like a true stereo sound. Can be kept at each side of the deck or beside the gadget. This works well when you have a larger crowd listening to it.

Experience it and feel the music even if it’s your favourite gaming on smart TV or smart phone for that lovely sound in a game.

Another great feature of this Wireless speaker is it can be used alone as a night lamp due to its dim light flame effect.


Bluetooth Version:V 4.2

Working Distance:Upto 10m in open space

Speaker Output:3W

Input: DC 5V (Micro USB)

Charging Time:About 4 hrs

Playback Time:Approx. 4-5 hrs


Battery:3.7V/ 1200mAh



Approx. Weight:340 gms.