XECH Hot and Cold Flask with BT Speaker is a unique innovative product with a retro classy look having a Hot and Cold Flask along with BT Speaker.

The Hot and Cold Flask is built of strong quality and sturdy look with aviation grade stainless steel and ABS material. Stainless Steel is of premium quality unlike plastic or any other material which are harmful on health on long term.

Flask has a capacity of 500 ml i.e. half a litre water which is sufficient to keep you going for a certain while unless refilled again. This also confirms the quality that it can be reused, it’s an eco-friendly bottle built with the best material used.

The Speaker is of 5W carrying a mesmerizing sound quality. While keeping you hydrated it fulfils to keep you completely entertained with its mind-blowing speaker and enjoy the music of your choice at any given time.

With Bluetooth Version 4.2 latest, in any corner of the area, it can connect your smartphone irrespective of the network available.

It has a battery of 300mAh to keep the XECH Hot and Cold Flask with BT speaker being played for 2 hours at a continuous stretch with 70% of the volume. Also, it needs an equivalent amount to be charged for 2 hours as the battery level drips of the flask.

The best feature of the product is double-deck vacuum flask which provides the cap with a resistance to spill the beverage kept inside the bottle/ flask. It has a spill-proof cap kept to restrain from spilling the beverage.

The XECH Hot and Cold Flask with BT speaker promises to keep the beverage warm up to 8 hours at a continuous stretch. This ensures the flask can be taken while for camping, hiking, overnight travelling, long hour drive without compromising on the temperature and quality.

It ensures the outer quality or the weather temperature not to affect the temperature maintained inside the flask.

The XECH Hot and Cold flask are ideal for sports activities like cycling, camping, jogging, hiking and other adventurous activities.

It’s a perfect gift for someone who maintains an active lifestyle. It makes it even more fun and keeps you entertained while you are on your foot.

Someone who doesn’t have an active lifestyle is still a perfect gift with utility. For example, a person working for long hours on the field or at the desk would remind oneself to stay hydrated with any liquids hot or cold and the benefit it provides them is staying entertained along.

The Speaker of the XECH Hot and Cold Flask is 5W waterproof speakers which means water from any direction touching the speaker would keep the speaker running fine, therefore no worry if water, sweat or raindrops touch the speaker, but of course taking care will always help in the long run.

The speaker can be connected to smartphone, laptop, tablet or personal computer as well for listening to music or while working at home/workstation/field/sports activity via Bluetooth 4.2 and AUX cable as well.


Bluetooth Version: V4.2

Housing: ABS + Stainless Steel

Speaker: 5W*1

Battery: 300mAh

Playing: (70% volume): 2H

Charging time: 2H

Water volume: 500ml

Double-deck Vacuum flask: Yes