A make in India product. XECH Super slim brings you the distinctive Digital display in a Power Bank.

This Power Bank is not only superslim in looks but also super-efficient and powerful when it comes to battery with 10000mAh.The best quality is its fast charging thus saving time and energy keeping the phone all time charged. With its slim looks you can easily hold in your hands, glide or slip inside the briefcase or bag apart from keeping it on the desk or table.

You can carry this in your study room, living room, while at work, seminar, field trip or while you travelling and keeping you off from those entangled charging wire and plugs and at ease. XECH Super Slim Power Bank is a portable device, light weight and thus easy to carry. Its dimension are 131.26mm(h)*68.37m (w)*14.71mm (b). The digital display is with a LED indicator displaying the battery percentage level and also displays numbers. The Power Bank can be used to charge MP3/MP4 as well. Ideal for all smart phones and music playstations (MP3/MP4) the battery consumed is Li-polymer battery of premium quality giving efficient output with power of 10000mAh and is controlled with a single on/off button.

Another great utility of this product is that it has two charging ports means two devices can be charged simultaneously without worrying. It is designed to be compatible with all smart phones. It can charge a phone multiple times depending on its usages.

XECH Super Slim Power Bank 10000 mAh Digital Display is ideal while travelling for outdoor use due to its long term purpose served which enables not to carry multiple charging devices and bulky Power Bank. Mover over it is user friendly device. XECH Super Slim Power Bank is available in rich colours like black and white. Perfectly suitable for any office and business requirement in today’s time.


Dimension: 131.26mm(H) *68.37mm(W) *14.71mm(B)

Battery capacity:10000 mAh

Battery type: Li-Polymer

Charging Port Micro USB Cable

Display Digital display

Indicators number LED indicator

USB Port: 2 Port