XECH has launched Ultimate Wireless Charging Kit an ultimate solution to charge your smart phone wirelessly. A portable device that can be carried wherever you go. If you have a modern smart phone you may have noticed that it comes with built in wireless charging capability called ‘Qi charging.’ If your phone supports Qi charging then you just have to keep your phone on the device and it will start charging.

If your phone doesn’t supports wireless charging we have four different Micro USB Modules (Micro, Micro Inverted, Type-C, I phone) for different phone orientations.

It is equipped with an LED indicator, it turns red when plugged in, and alternates blue and red while charging.

Supports wireless charging on all Qi-enabled devices with quality speed and supports wireless charging on non Qi-enabled devices by connecting receiver to it.

Its ultra-thin and slim, compact, and stylish design makes it a versatile piece of accessory to own. Just place your QI compatible device on the pad to get it charged.

If you want to break free of wires and want to charge your Smartphone wirelessly, a Wireless Charging Receiver comes handy. This Universal Micro, Type-C, Iphone & Micro Inverted Qi Wireless Charging Receiver will make your smart phone to support wireless charging

Certain phones compatible are iPhone, Samsung, Oppo and one plus 5.

The Installation process for non Qi-enabled device is quite easy and user friendly:

1) Put Receiver into the mobile phone charging interface.

2) Put Receiver affixed to the back of the phone folded flat stable.

3) Cover phone case, the installation is complete.

The Wireless kit comes with a Micro USB Charging cable, charging port and two receivers included.

It’s an ideal device while travelling with a simple fine sleek design and unique texture. It fits perfectly on to one’s palm and supports all wireless charging devices.

It’s an easy to do when you want to check your phone in the middle of charging just pick up and put it back once the phone purpose is complete. There is no fuss about using the wire plugging or unplugging the cable wire to phone. Wireless charging kit is truly an ultimate device.

There is no set position as horizontal or vertical to be kept on this wireless charging kit, it just needs to be kept either horizontal, vertical or diagonally doesn’t differentiates from the purpose to charge the soon as the kit senses the device on its surface it gives a notification of the light blinking and phone stating wireless charging.

If your phone has a cover there is no requirement of removing the cover and charging, you can just place the phone as it if Qi enabled if non Qi enabled, receiver must be placed at the back of the phone inside touching the battery.