XECH Voice Assist Speaker is a unique elegant device which is portable, light in weight and can be kept in any corner of the room or office. It’s a multipurpose speaker for home and office use as well for corporates.

XECH Voice Assist Speaker is not a wearable device, however, can be carried anywhere you go. It’s like your best friend always there with you for your convenience. The dimension of this product is 75*75*116mm.

Bluetooth latest version 4.2 it is compatible with all smartphone Bluetooth enabled devices. It can effectively work with a distance of 10m in open space and having an input of DC 5V.

With 5W Output, it brings the best high tech premium quality voice assist speaker that can deliver a play time of 3-4 hours. The 5W speaker output delivers a crisp sound. So perfect for small gathering or kitty parties and can have great time and enjoying the best music of your choice.

XECH Voice Assist Speaker connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth mode. It can do a various task for you like set alarm, play music, make calls, set timers. Not only this but it can also call and message the recipient hands free without touching your smartphone, just with one click of your XECH Voice Assist Speaker.

The buttons of the gadget is sensitive to touch.

It has voice recognition mode you can ask speaker about current weather, important news, match dates and scores of your favourite sports team and much more by just using your voice.

XECH Voice Assist Speaker is like your best friend delivering output at great unmatched speed in time.

With a built-in rechargeable battery of 3.7V or 1200mAh. It takes similar time like of playtime to charge XECH Voice Assist Speaker i.e. about 3-4 hours depending on the usage and requirement. The battery is of rechargeable nature thus environmental friendly.

Ask anything at any given point of time at any odd hours of the day with your voice recognition it shall deliver the results more than just expected.

Example too busy at any given task either at home or at work or busy doing any extracurricular activity or with a friend. Just ask voice assist speaker to set alarm or for weather conditions or play some music to brighten up one’s mood it shall do it instantly and many more as commanded.

XECH Voice Assist Speaker is compatible with that of Siri or google assistant.

Great Technology brings comfort and luxury in style reducing your work and thus giving you more space to fit in with your hobbies or task you would like to accomplish. Instead of just typing on the laptop or mobile phone or finding yourself, Voice Assist Speaker does everything with just one command or instruction.


Bluetooth Version: 4.2

Working Distance: Up to 10m in Open Space

Input: DC 5V

Output: 5W

Playtime: About 3-4 Hours

Charging Time: About 3-4 Hours

Bulit-in Rechargable Battery: 3.7V /1200mAh

Unit Size: 75*75*116mm