Sleeping on time and waking up on time can be a task to fit well in your daily routine with a hectic and stressful lifestyle and twisting your daily routine. It becomes essential to take a power nap and sleep well so as your morning is fresh and you don’t face the Monday blue feeling. Let every day be a happy and fresh day like your weekend days.

XECH brings you the latest in market Wake up Light Speaker to regulate your sleep and your routine for your mind, body and soul to feel good.

With Bluetooth 4.1 it can connect in open space up to 10m irrespective of any network and area. Its connection via Bluetooth 4.1 is strong and compatible overall smartphones, tablets and laptops.

With stereo speaker two times the 3Watt power it brings an excellent sound output. You can customize the sunrise stimulation wake up light and sunrise stimulation sleep light with its soothing light and sounds.

It also supports FM Scan radio and TF card, with the help of the same you can customize the music sound as per your choicest preference. The buttons on the Wake up Light speaker are touch sensitive.

The warm white LED light and colour changing light gives you a warm and soothing sleep and early fresh days with its beautiful view

It has an LCD Display, displaying the alarm clock timing and active function mode.

It Supports hands free call as well once connected to the Smartphone via Bluetooth with its excellent sound speaker and double the power of the 3W stereo speaker.

It also supports snooze function. With 3.5mm aux wire cable apart from Bluetooth, the same can be connected to the smartphone. The dimension of this product is 180*125mm.

It has 7 changing night colours in its warm pastel rainbow shades soothing to your eyes and mind giving you divine sleep and fresh wake up. The changing night colour in its warm vivid tones will keep you off from tripping and disturbing

This product can be kept in any corner of your room where comfortable and as per the requirement. This product is not only your alarm clock but more than alarm clock bringing in more peace and happiness to make you feel best and give you the comfort you deserve with the best use of technology and power.

A perfect portable, light in weight product occupying hardly and weight, easy to use, user-friendly in today’s hectic lifestyle suitable for every home and office use and easy to carry wherever you go and no more hurdle to carry alarm clock as this has inbuilt facility.


Bluetooth Edition: V4.1

Transmission Distance: 10M

Sunrise Stimulation Wakeuplight: Yes

Sunset Stimulation Sleep Light: Yes

Stereo Speaker: 2 * 3W

Supports TF Card: Yes

FM Scan Radio: Yes