A lamp with a wireless charger is a perfect combination. The lamp is a perfect place which creates space for charging your device. While you’re busy working under the lamp light, the lamp takes care of charging the phone device. It’s a great freedom from entangling devices and occupying unnecessary space in a world of wireless devices.

The XECH product gives a double benefit which comes with various features and easy to use mechanism. It’s a 2 in 1 device Desk lamp along with Wireless charging.

It’s very flexible to use and user friendly without any harass. You can easily charge your smartphone wirelessly. If your phone supports wireless charging, place it on the built-in charger. If your phone doesn’t supports Qi enabled you can use the receiver in your device on the backside of your cover and then keep it to charge.

The product weighs 600g while the size of the Desk lamp is L 180mm *W120* H400mm.

The best part about the product is, it can be easily folded back once not in use which reduces the space issue.

There is a power button with on and off switch .The Lamp longevity is 50000 hrs with CRI 85max.

Efficiency of the lamp is greater than or equal to 76 % which means it produces sufficient bright light serving the purpose. It has 48pcs *4014 LED quantity, the Center luminance is 800 lux while the Input is 5V/2A and desk lamp output is 5W.

The output of Wireless charger is 5V/1A.

The XECH Wireless Charger Desk Lamp has a switch to increase or decrease the brightness as per the light of the room along with the colour temperature button ranging in variety of 2800K,3400K,4500 and5600K. Timer facility to switch off the charging for 1-2 hours.

The desk lamp light also takes care of your precious eyes as not to strain while you are working all day long.

Wireless charging is convenient and universal way of keeping your portable devices topped- up throughout the day.

The XECH Wireless Charger Desk Lamp occupies less lamp considering the fact it’s an easy fold it can be adjusted freely to suit your requirements of studying, writing, drawing, reading or working on gadgets. It’s suitable for home and work use and makes your life comfortable.

The desk lamp along with Wireless charger is a perfect mix for Style & function. Desk Lamp Art rotates with 90 degree and Lamp Head rotates with Up-Down with 180 Degree.

Here are the Specifications:


Desk Lamp Output: 5W

LED Qty:48 PCS * 4014 LED

CRI:85 max

Center Luminance:800lux

Wireless Charger Output:5V/1A

Color Temperature:2800k & 3400k & 4500k & 5600k

LED Longevity:50000 Hrs

Transmission Distance:< 8mm

Efficiency:> 76%

Size: L180mm*W120*H400mm