XECH Wireless Charger Pen Stand is a stylish sleek body which includes wireless charging plus a pen Stand. It’s a portable, user-friendly and easy to carry equipment with minimal requirements.

Wireless charging in today’s time saves you from the hassle of entangling wires and cables. Gives you a sophisticated and quick service that the end user appreciate. We are not far from the days where the tech world shall be wireless and still so beautiful to feel the luxury in hand.

XECH Wireless Charger Pen Stand presents its uniqueness with its fast charging capabilities and providing an organized desk space for writing accessories and stationery. It focuses on productivity and providing multiple benefits at the same time.

With its fantastic design and built it has an anti-slip or slips resistance body at the surface to support your smartphone.

Power banks has become a necessity in today’s changing time and fast lifestyle. Therefore XECH Wireless Charger Pen Stand come with Qi and Non-Qi supportable. The wireless charger supports Qi marked smartphones while if your smartphone is non-Qi, Wireless chargers make use of receivers which is mandatory via which the smartphone is connected in order to be charged. Receivers come in three type iPhone, Android and Type C.

An example in a case where you are busy working on an important and urgent task, you may not have the time to plug in the wire to your smartphone at the connecting point to charge this lets you to just place your smartphone on the XECH Wireless Charger with Pen Stand. Another example while you are working in the kitchen and your hands are busy either in water or making food, it becomes tedious to charge or connect the wires to the phone.

With its 2-Coils XECH wireless charging stand has two built-in high-quality coils with wider charging area supporting horizontally and vertically mode to keep the phone to charge. Yes, there is no fix or standard way to keep, it allows you to keep the phone in standing and sleeping position both.

The XECH Wireless Charging Pen Stand gives the best viewing angle while the smartphone is placed to charge. One can play music attend hands free, play games, watch videos or movies taking a backseat.

This is best compatible with all smartphones including android, windows, iOS and if any other.

With its great design and power, its charging efficiency is greater than 73%, the rated frequency is 110-205 kHz having 1 micro USB port for a cable length 4.92ft or 1.50m.

In the Pen stand, you can keep 10-12 pens, pencils or a combination of both at one place in order not to keep it scattered.

Overall this product fulfils its promise to charge wirelessly efficiently along with keeping your desk organized and making it look neat and clean and handy to use.


Adjustable pen stand wireless charging: Yes

Input: 5V/2A

Output: 5V/1A

DC: 9V/1.2A Max.

Rated Frequency: 110 ~ 205 kHz

Charging Distance: < 2-10mm

Charging Efficiency: > 73%

Interface: 1 * Micro USB port

Cable Length: 4.92ft / 1.50m