Effortlessly Tech generation is making our life simpler and a lot more comfortable. 2018 might not be the year when every cord disappears from your house, but it could begin a new big phase of uncluttering. It’ll start with the device you likely spend the most time every day with your phone, your basic accessory.

Today’s wireless connections make physical connections a rarity and a more demanding aspect.

You may be busy at work or in your classes or while studying or your hands might be messy or working in kitchen area wireless charger comes handy as you don’t have to tackle with the wires or plugs.

XECH Wireless charger Pen stand comes with a 3 in 1 multifunctional device a charger which charges wirelessly, a Pen stand and option to charge the receivers.

Take your wireless charging experience to the next level with the XECH Wireless Charger with Pen stand with an input of 5V/2A and output 5V/1A, Direct Current (DC) 9V/1.2A Max. The pen stand can be adjusted while wirelessly charging.

XECH Wireless Charger Pen Stand is a sleek slant body that has a stand for the handset on which the phone can be adjusted horizontally or vertically .also it has slip resistance facility in which the smart phone fits perfectly. It has two coils which basically supports both the position i.e. Vertical as well as Horizontal. It helps in fast charging of the device thus saving time and energy. And it hardly takes any space keeping the place in orderly manner whereas the charging wires takes the desk space and may end up entangling other stuffs around it.

It comes with a USB cable to charge the wireless device of length 4.92ft / 1.50m which is quite long, the charging distance can be extended up to < 2-10mm while the efficiency is greater than equal to 73%. It has a micro USB port for the same to charge. And also it comes with a user manual guide.

Behind the wireless charger holder, is a pen stand holder which can hold few pens or pencils or combination of both.

Those this also helps in keeping your space, study table or desk table neat and a classy product enables efficiency.

It helps in keeping the desk organised with your writing accessories.

You can also use this otherwise, in case the phone is discharged and can be kept as a pen holder or vice versa.

While the phone is being charged you can still attend calls and disconnect it.

Wirelessly charge your Qi enabled devices. In case your phone is not Qi supporting you don’t need to worry, you can still charge the receivers like iPhone, android and Type C.


Input: 5V/2A

Output: 5V/1A DC9V/1.2A Max.

Rated Frequency: 110 ~ 205 kHz

Charging Distance: < 2-10mm

Charging Efficiency : > 73%

Interface: 1 * Micro USB port

Cable Length: 4.92ft / 1.50m