XECH Wooden Sound Bar weighs 1.23kgs with dimensions 43.5*34*66.5cm. It can be effectively operated with distance 10m. It has an output power Two times of 6W. Supports Bluetooth version 4.2V. It is compatible to all smart phones and other gadgets like computer and tablet. With battery of 1500mAh it delivers greater efficiency.

XECH Wooden Sound Bar are excellent for space like home based, Party halls, banquets and cafe areas.

It offers play time of 5 hours with (70% volume) It supports your complete music world right from  Aux to MP3/MP4 and Radio FM along with micro SD card or TF Cards or Bluetooth or USB Drive as per your convenient. It also supports your flash drive known as Pen drive.

Very easy to use device it has sensitive touch buttons for forward, play, pause, connect to AUX/USB/Flash drive. Very user friendly device and comfortable to use by anyone.

With Bluetooth version 4.2V it can be operated within a range of 10m from wherever you are.

More over signal to noise ratio is not more and pleasant for ear 60dB, so you enjoy your music with pleasant sound.

It has a very and classy nice wooden finish box which has the speakers integrated inside and looks very elegant and of retro look.

The Wooden Sound Bar gives the music sound system to breathe as it’s spaciously created as well as produces large quality sound. Perfect for your entertainment.

The complete System is wirelessly set up. Perfect for home use and places to hang out.Looks attractive and can be kept anywhere occupying least Space.

Technical Parameters

Effective distance:10m

Output Power: 6W *2

Charging Voltage: DC5V

Frequency response: 90Hz- 20KHz

Signal to Noise ratio:60dB

Supports:Bluetooth / TF Card/ Aux/USBDrive

Speaker Impedance: 4Ω

Bluetooth Version:4.2V


Playback time:5 hrs(70% Volume)


Dimensions: 43.5*34*66.5cm