Love listening to music? Busy in kitchen? XECH comes with a Wooden Wireless Charger with Speaker.

Nicely wooden finish with speaker body gives a very unique and elegant look to the speaker. While you are busy at work,driving or in kitchen, carry this portable device with you wherever you go known for its quality and high standard of internal and external safety measures takes in order to make Wireless charger with Speaker a promising device.

Even if battery goes low you simply don’t need to worry just keep your phone over the Wooden wireless charger and see it charging efficiently. Voila! Your work is done. You don’t have to deal with wires and plug, most important it hardly takes any space. The wireless Charger with Speaker can attend calls, disconnect and you can even listen to your favourite music connecting the Bluetooth. The Bluetooth Version supporting the device is 4.2.

There is a built in battery of capacity 2200mAh, Charging voltage 5V/2A it has a USB port for the Wireless charger with Speaker to charge and give you long lasting effect. The power of Wireless charger is 5W, Speaker power is twice the power of Wireless charger i.e. 5W*2.

This beautiful Wooden Wireless charger with Speaker looks like a mug broad from the top and narrow tapering at the bottom. Which can be kept anywhere at a given space. it also has a power on and off button when not in use.

This small little piece is a dynamite compatible to all Smart phones.

Here are the specifications:

Charging Voltage: 5V/2A

Wireless Charging Power:5W

Bluetooth Version:4.2

Speaker Power: 5W*2

Built in battery capacity: 2200mAh